Jul. 9th, 2011

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Title: Another Lonely Day: Part 1
Author: [personal profile] eruditefics
Pairing(s): Harry/Draco
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: ~16,500
Warnings: Angst, some slight mental triggers, canon and non-canon pairings.
Summary: It’s a constant uphill battle after the war, and Harry’s confusion over his own actions and desires is only making things worse. And here he is, alone again.
Author's Notes:When I started doing research on this location, I couldn’t resist! The lyrics are provided by Ben Harper, who was playing at Glastonbury in June of 1998. My beta is awesome and thorough.

Written for the hp-spring-fling[profile] hp_spring_fling  fic exchange
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Title: The One Who Loves You The Most
Author: [personal profile] eruditefics
Pairing: Genfic about Ron and Rose with a side of Ron/Hermione and Rose/OMC (sort of)
Rating: R
Genre: Genfic
Warnings: Possible triggers, some violence, also some serious sap
Word Count: 17550
Summary: Ron struggles with fatherhood and raising a daughter while Rose struggles with demons no young woman should have to face in this chronicle of Ron and Rose’s relationship.
Author’s Note: Thank you for reading! This is the first and only genfic I have ever written, and I hope it is up to par. I think we can all understand what Rose is going through in this story, if not to that extreme, at least in spirit. Thank you to A for the beta, and to OtterandTerrier for the lovely piece of artwork. Lyrics by Brett Dennen

Title: "You Were Made To Shine On"
Artist: [profile] otterandterrier
Characters: Ron and Rose
Rating: G
Media: Photomanipulation

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