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Title: Laundry Room

Author: EruditeFics

Rating: NC-17

Word Count: About 2600

Summary: Ron and Hermione grow desperate to be together, and now the washing machine has ass prints.

warnings: Het, smut, language

Author’s Notes: Lyrics provided by The Avett Brothers. This fic was written on a whim for a bit of fun and a break in the angst. I hope you all like it!



Hermione woke up shaking and sweating, with tears running down her face. The nightmares were relentless. Sometimes, she would see Ron’s blood all over her hands or Harry’s dead body marching to her in Hagrid’s arms. But tonight, tonight she could feel her torture, see the maniacal looks in Bellatrix’s eyes, and hear Ron’s desperate screams somewhere beneath the floorboards. It’s like she would never escape. She thought of going downstairs and getting some tea, but she could get her feet to touch the ground. Nothing felt safe in moments like this, and she felt like they never would.

After getting her parents back from Australia, they were understandably furious with Hermione. They couldn’t believe she would write them off and send them away while she went and did something so mind bogglingly dangerous. Hermione tried to explain that it was safer this way. She showed them their destroyed home and explained that Death Eaters went looking for them shortly after she sent her parents away. But the Grangers were still livid.

In her guilt, Hermione agreed to spend her summer with them, living at home and trying to repair the broken relationship. The problem was, she was forbidden from seeing anyone or doing anything magical. She didn’t once protest to these wishes, knowing that her parents just wanted her around and wanted their little girl back. But the ache for the magical world was unbearable. She wrote to Ron and Harry, but it wasn’t enough.

After the Final Battle, Hermione and Ron made love. It was fast, it was passionate, and it was more than a little awkward. But she had him, and he had her. That was the only thing that seemed to matter. In the harsh light of reality, however, came Ron’s grief and Hermione’s broken family. Ron stayed at the Burrow to help his family pull back together after losing Fred and Hermione went to Australia to get her parents. She had not touched Ron in over two months. The ache in her chest and the nightmarish visions in her mind overwhelmed her. She needed him.

Don't push me out,
Just a little longer
Stall your mother,
Disregard your father's words.

Before she could overthink it, Hermione summoned her patronus and sent the happy little otter straight to Ron. It took less than five minutes for her to hear the ‘pop’ of apparition, and Ron was standing in the middle of her bedroom in his hideous orange pajama bottoms. He looked completely panicked and immediately wrapped her in his arms. Hermione sighed and pressed her face into the warm skin of his chest.

“Hermione?” Ron croaked, running his hands up and down her back.

“I can’t take these nightmares anymore!” Hermione began to cry in earnest.

“They are just nightmares, love. I’m here for you,” he said, holding her a little tighter.

“That’s just the thing, you’re not! My parents are being so irrational. How can they keep me from magic…from you?” Hermione cried, pulling away and balling her hands into fists.

“Ginny reckons it’s emotional blackmail,” Ron answered.

“I’m sure it is. But what can I do about it?”

Ron led her to the bed and sat her down, taking her hand into his. Hermione felt a spark at the thought that they were both sitting on her bed in their nightclothes. Ron’s body was bared from the waist up, and her shorts were very short. She pressed her thighs together to try to tamp down the feeling. It only made things worse. She moved closer to him.

“I’ve been pretty quiet about this, because I know this is your family and there’s a lot going on here. But, Hermione, you’re a witch. You could go in and out without them ever knowing. You could still appear to be following their rules, and then just break them when they aren’t looking,” he said, smiling slightly. “I know rules are your favorite thing in the world, but bloody hell, we’re both going barmy!”

“You too?” She said, unconsciously running her hands up and down his back.

“Merlin, Hermione! We…that time after the war…it was so perfect. You are so beautiful and you were mine and we could just hide there for a little while! But now, now it’s just like this hole in my chest. I have these nightmares that you never came back from Malfoy Manor, or that I never managed to find you and Harry again,” Ron whispered, smoothing his hands over her hair.

“We’re both here now, Ron. And it’s over,” she said. She rose up and straddled his hips, moaning at the contact with his bare skin. He immediately gripped her hips and buried his face in her neck, kissing her most sensitive spots. She gripped his shoulders and ground into him, swallowing his moans in a deep kiss.

He ran his hands up the back of her shirt, his breathing heavy against her fact. Hermione wanted all of him in that moment. She wanted him so badly that she threw out any qualms she had in defying her parents. Ron felt like the only thing that mattered. She felt his hardness press against the center of her shorts and she ground down into him again.

“Fuck, Hermione. You have no idea how much I want to,” he groaned, his body quivering beneath her.

“I think I do,” she said, kissing his bare shoulders.

Suddenly her door slammed open and she jumped out of Ron’s arms. “So much for spending the summer away from magic, Hermione,” her father said, shaking his head.

“This is no way for a young lady to behave!” Her mother cried behind him. “Have you no self respect?”

“Or respect for our wishes?” Her father added, his baritone voice echoing against her walls. Ron stood behind Hermione and put a hand on her shoulder.

“She’s a full grown woman who put her life on the line for the world you’re trying to take from her,” Ron said. He wasn’t shouting. His voice was alarmingly calm.

“And we’re her parents,” Hermione’s father said, his arms crossed.

“I’m her-“

“Ron, please. Can you just go home? I’ll handle this,” Hermione pleaded with him.

“Are you sure?” Ron asked.

“Yes young man, do get out of our home,” her mother said coldly.

“Now you listen here,” Ron said, pointing his finger at her.

“Seriously Ron,” Hermione said desperately. “I’ll owl you later.”

“Okay, love. But send your otter if you need anything,” he said, casting a baleful glare at her parents before apparating away.

Close the laundry door,
Tiptoe across the floor
Keep your clothes on,
I got all that I can take
Teach me how to use
The love that people say you make.

The next morning, Hermione’s parents were at work and she was at home doing chores to make up for her misdeeds the night before. After finishing all of the dishes and putting them neatly away into the cupboards, sweeping the house, and cleaning the bathrooms, she was sorting through the piles of laundry. She sighed, realizing she only had soap enough for one more load. She looked down at her favorite jeans and saw the stains of housework all over them. She pulled them off, along with her blouse, and threw them in the washer.

She stood in the laundry room in just her underthings waiting for the rinse cycle to start. It felt liberating, being half naked in the summer breeze that was wafting through the screen door. She closed her eyes, tilted her head back, and remembered the way Ron’s skin felt against hers last night. She ran her hands up and down her abdomen and over her breasts, imagining Ron’s fingers toying with her nipples. Her legs started to shake slightly as the washing machine began to spin.

When Ron’s lips pressed against hers, it took Hermione a moment to realize she didn’t just have an overactive imagination. She pulled away and gasped. Ron looked apologetic and a little bit embarrassed, but Hermione was so happy to see him, she immediately grabbed his face and kissed him hard, her tongue dancing along his lips. The groan in the back of his throat sent shockwaves right to her center.

“Shit,” Ron said, pulling away and pressing his forehead to hers. “I just came over to check on you. But then I saw you standing there, and…I just miss you!”

Hermione just kissed him again, running her lips along his neck and over his chest. She gripped Ron’s arse and giggled a little when he cursed under his breath. She reveled in his long fingers towing with the elastic on her underwear, and was surprised to find that he was quite the expert at unhooking a bra. When her breasts were exposed before him, he immediately dropped to his knees and took a hard, sensitive nipple into his mouth.

After he spent some time on her breasts, Hermione was growing desperate. She reached down and pulled his shirt over his head, and as she lowered his trousers and pants, she dropped to her knees. When her lips wrapped around the leaking head of his cock, Ron cursed loudly and gripped the doorjamb so hard Hermione could hear the wood creaking under the strain. She took him farther into her mouth and held his hips steady.

When they had been together before, the urgency of the situation prevented them from really exploring each other’s bodies. Now, Hermione marveled at the length and width of Ron’s cock, imagining the way it felt when it was inside of her. She paid close attention to his breathy moans and barely-audible pleas, keeping track in her mind so that she could hear them again every single night.

“Hermione, I’m gonna come,” Ron growled, trying to pull away. She was flattered that she was able to bring him to climax so quickly, and swallowed as much of his quivering cock as she could. The shot of hot liquid into her throat took her back momentarily, and she ended up pulling away. She smiled up at him and quickly vanished the mess.

Hermione picked up her bra and was about to put it on when Ron growled “no,” and lifted her onto the washing machine. Hermione only had time to shriek before her underwear was pulled off and Ron’s messy red hair was between her thighs. The cold of the metal against her heated skin was making her senses frenzied. When Ron’s large hands opened her legs to him, Hermione felt exposed, but was so overcome with need that she threw her head back and welcomed his actions.

His tongue moved lightly between her lips and she bucked up into his face. He moaned and threw her legs over his shoulders, squatting down to gain better balance. He continued driving her to madness with his mouth and soon added two fingers inside of her, curling them up and hitting a sensitive spot that had her seeing stars. He thrust his fingers in and out of her, his tongue never stopping its assault, until her entire body was tightening up with pure energy. She called out his name over and over again until she met a climax like one she had never felt before.

Ron was whispering her name and a string of expletives in between kisses on the inside of her thighs. Hermione caught her breath just as the washing machine began to vibrate on spin. “Where did you learn to do that, Ron?”

“I could ask you the same question,” he stood, smirking. Hermione looked down to see that his penis was fully erect again.

“You know very well I learned about sex from a book, love,” Hermione said, smiling as the spin cycle began to rage. Ron was confused and put his hand on the machine.

“Well I have 5 brothers…what is happening to the washy thing?” He said, wrapping an arm around her to pull her off. When he got closer, his cock brushed against her very sensitive folds and they both moaned.

“Please, Ron,” Hermione moaned, opening her legs farther and wrapping them around his hips.

“Yes,” Ron whispered, and he kissed her as his throbbing cock slowly entered her body. Hermione cried out at the intrusion, and they both held still to wait for her body to adjust to him. The vibrations of the washer made it feel like his entire body was vibrating against her, and caused her orgasm to build nearly instantly.

He thrust in and out of her wildly, whispering her name and kissing her every place his lips could reach. When her body clenched around him in climax, she felt him release inside of her, and they clung to each other tightly until their orgasms subsided. When her heart rate finally slowed, she pulled her head from Ron’s shoulder and smiled.

“I love you so much, Hermione,” He said, kissing her forehead. “I’ve missed you. I can’t stand not seeing you.”

“I love you too, Ron. And I promise, we’ll see each other more,” She said, wrapping her arms around his neck and allowing him to lift her from the machine. Hermione could feel his seed between her legs and took a clean flannel to wipe herself off. Just as she was reaching for her underwear and his pants, the front door opened.

“Hermione, dear, we’re home!” Her father called out.

“Oh fuck! I’ll go out the back and apparate,” Ron said, struggling into his trousers.

“No!” She said, casting a ‘muffliato’ on the door. “This is bollocks and it’s ending now.”

Ron pulled on his shirt and lifted his eyebrows at her. When they were both dressed, they walked out into the sitting room. Hermione’s parents met them there and her father’s face immediately turned red. “What is he doing here?”

“Oh we’ve just made love on your washing machine,” Hermione said. She heard a terrified squeak coming from Ron. Her parents jaws both dropped. “Yes, I couldn’t stand not seeing him anymore. Considering he’s the man I plan on spending the rest of my life with, I feel that it is cruel to keep me from him.”

“Well, darling, I’m sure we can-“ Hermione’s mother started to speak, but she’s raised her hand.

“No. You won’t do anything. My life is not yours to decide upon, mother…father. I am sorry for what I did for you during the war, but it was necessary,” she could feel her throat tighten and Ron took her hand. “I had to keep you safe. The fact of the matter is, I’m a grown woman who has experienced more in one year than most experience in a lifetime. I’ve seen so much death and fear that I cannot just sit idly by and let others keep me from happiness…even my parents.”

“Death, Hermione?” Her father seemed to have found his voice and looked at her with concern.

“Yes. And now, I’m going to go on a date with my boyfriend. Later, we’ll discuss my plans to return to Hogwarts for my final year. We will talk about the future together, but I am the one who makes my own decisions,” Hermione said, and before she could lose her nerve, she took Ron’s hand, pulling him toward the front door, and waved her wand to float their shoes out behind them.

Ron carried their shoes as they ran down the lawn toward the pavement. “You’re brilliant, love!” Ron shouted as they stopped to put their shoes on.

“I know,” she answered proudly. “So where shall we go on our date?”


“How about a film?” She asked. Ron nodded enthusiastically and they readied their wands to apparate.

“Hey Hermione?” Ron asked, putting an arm around her waist. “Do you think, when we have a place of our own, we can get one of those washy machines?”

Break this tired old routine
And this time don't make me leave
I am a breathing time machine,
I'll take you all for a ride





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