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Title: Another Lonely Day: Part 1
Author: [personal profile] eruditefics
Pairing(s): Harry/Draco
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: ~16,500
Warnings: Angst, some slight mental triggers, canon and non-canon pairings.
Summary: It’s a constant uphill battle after the war, and Harry’s confusion over his own actions and desires is only making things worse. And here he is, alone again.
Author's Notes:When I started doing research on this location, I couldn’t resist! The lyrics are provided by Ben Harper, who was playing at Glastonbury in June of 1998. My beta is awesome and thorough.

Written for the hp-spring-fling[profile] hp_spring_fling  fic exchange
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 Title: I and Love and You

 Author: EruditeFics

 Artist: Mayfly_78

 Rating: NC-17 for fic G for artwork

Pairing: Percy/Audrey, Percy/Oliver, other canon pairings

 Summary: Love and Guilt can’t share the same space in Percy’s heart, but he tries desperately to carve a life for himself after the war. Loss of hope and direction turn Percy to places he’s never been, the question is: Will he ever find his way back home?

Warnings: Sexual content both het and slash. Angst. Major character death.

Author’s Note: This fic was originally written for the Percybigbang on livejournal. However, circumstances kept the fest from ever posting. We have decided it is time to post this story independently as it has been 9 months now. The lyrics are provided by The Avett Brothers, and beta work has been done by Pastry_Slutbag.

I would also like to note that this fic was a labor of love for me. It’s one of my personal favorites out of everything I’ve written. I hope you enjoy!

Artist’s Notes: I found eruditefics story moving and inspiring. I loved illustrating it, not only because it was such a beautiful story but because she gave me so much to work with. I only hope I managed to do the scenes that inspired me justice.



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